About the Martha's Vineyard TBI Program

MV TBI Partners

On this website the Martha's Vineyard Boards of Health have assembled the tick-borne illness information necessary to allow Islanders and visitors to more safely enjoy the Island’s great outdoor beauty. In this we follow the paths of many others, like life guards who counsel on rip tides and others who counsel on bicycle safety, where the goals are to encourage others to proceed ever more safely into our waters and onto our bike paths. And so here too, we seek to bring together the information necessary to work and play safely in our Island’s great outdoors.

This site provides the information necessary to minimize TBI exposure, to recognize its early symptoms, if exposed, and to seek prompt effective therapy, if symptomatic.

This site also contains data currently being collected throughout our county, including Naushon. The Island Boards of Health will be developing recommendations based on these findings and presenting them to the Island's Boards of Selectmen in early 2013. This site is a forum for that process, intended to increase and promote dialog, and to ultimately develop, communicate and advocate for an Island-wide initiative that would result in a 75% reduction in tick-borne illnesses.

You are encouraged to familiarize yourself with the educational information on this site and engage with the Island Health Agents as they go about their tasks.

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